Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So this is a vacation......

Well we finally made it to the United Kingdom and we are having a ball. At some point it will hit us and we will sleep for 24 hrs, but until then we are just sticking to our insane schedule! No one to blame but myself for that. There is alot here to see in just 2 weeks...... Anyways, here are some photo's from Days 1-3 (London) and Day 4, our first day traveling the countryside where we visited Stonehenge and then a very rainy visit to the south shore to walk the pier in Brighton. Today we are going to visit some castles in the southeast countryside and tomorrow we board the train for York.



Big Ben

London Eye

Tower of London

Tower Bridge

Christmas Market in Hyde Park

Tea at Kensington Palace

Piccadilly Circus at Night


Brighton Pier


Artemisia Moltabocca said...

YAY! Keep enjoying and posting pictures for us.

Anonymous said...

Great pics!! You guys have a anwesome time!!