Sunday, December 27, 2009

Panorama of Buckingham Palace!

Here is a panorama shot I made of Buckingham Palace that was created using three photos.

Click on the photo above to view photo to see a larger version of the photo. Panorama photo was created using Microsoft Windows Live Photo Gallery. Enjoy!



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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009!

Everyone here at the 6 Bears Farm wish a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to our family and friends !! May the best of 2009 be the worst the of 2010.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

UK Vacation Photos

thumbnailCAUKGOB3 After 2 weeks touring the UK we have accumulated quite a collection of photos. Some quite good others, well……

You be the judge, check out our UK Vacation Photo Album

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Scotland, Home Of The Brave And Winding Up Our Trip!

We stayed in Edinburgh, with the Edinburgh Castle in clear view. We had not even checked into our hotel and I had already purchased a new formal kilt outfit. Our first full day was spent touring Edinburgh Castle and checking out the shops on the Royal Mile. On day 2 we jumped on the train and traveled north through the snowy highlands to explore Inverness. Day 3 we jumped on the train and traveled to Stirling to see the city and tour Stirling Castle. We also had time, once we returned to Edinburgh, to enjoy a proper High Tea at the Sheraton Hotel. Very Nice!

Bear and Robin

PICT8623 Yeah, all that for just us……




After!  (Oh, we had 2 pots of tea each, as well)

Then next day, we traveled back to London. That night,  at 1:34am the hotel alarm system awoke us and we grabbed our passports and exited the building out into the first snowfall of the season. Robin made a nice little snowman while we waited for the fire company to inspect the hotel. Thankfully, it was a false alarm.



The London Fire Brigade and Robin’s Snowman!

We spent the next day seeing some of the sites that we had not had a chance to see before we left for York. These sites included Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral, Victoria Station, Buckingham Palace, Saint Paul’s Cathedral and of course another visit to Harrods!

That night we were informed that our return flight to the states was cancelled due to a big east coast snowstorm…..

Here are the photos!


Edinburgh Castle at night

PICT8412 Streets of Inverness Scotland


Stirling Castle

PICT8497 Scottish Highlands


The London Tube at Christmas time is crazy…..


Westminster Abbey

PICT8666 Westminster Cathedral


Buckingham Palace


Saint Paul’s Cathedral


Harrods at night during  the Christmas season…..

Map picture

Our footsteps through the UK (Click on map)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Check off York, now on to Scotland

We have enjoyed our visit to York and now it’s time to move north into Scotland. We arrived in Edinburgh Scotland  just after noon today!  Our last day in York was spent exploring the York Minster, Clifford’s Tower and the Fairfax House. Here are the photos…..

Bear and Robin

PICT8064 Inside the York Minster


On my way to the top of the York Minster Tower


View from the top of the York Minster Tower


The walled City of York from the York Minster Tower


Clifford’s Tower


Skating Rink


View of York Minster from top of Clifford’s Tower

Saturday, December 12, 2009

From New York to Old York……

We have  arrived in York, one of the oldest cities in Europe. York is a beautiful walled city with small cobblestone streets and alley ways full of shops, eaterys and pubs! Towering over the city is the York Minster, which is just an amazing gothic church. We attended an evening ‘Evensong’ service our first night, just an unreal experience to be there in such a historic building hearing the prayers sung by an all male choir.

The next day we boarded the train for a 20 minute ride to Malton. We hailed down a taxi and traveled to Castle Howard. About 10  minutes into the countryside, this mansion is beyond belief! It is 300 years old and is HUGE and screams of RICH.

After arriving back into the city, walking through the open market, stopping for some roasted chestnuts, we headed to the ‘Punch Bowl Pub’ for some tasty meat pies, ale and hot mulled wine.

Today we are checking out the local attractions in York. York Minster, Clifford’s Tower, Fairfax House and numerous shops and festivals. Tomorrow we board the train and head north to Edinburgh, Scotland. It is getting colder and the days are getting much shorter the farther north we go.

Robin & Bear


York Minster


York Minster Tower at Night


Streets of York

York - Castle Howard (23)

Castle Howard

York - Castle Howard (87)

Interior of Castle Howard

York - Castle Howard (115)

Waiting in the fog in Malton, for the train back to York…..

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A relaxing country drive to visit two castles.....

We took a nice relaxing drive out in the english countryside to visit two excellent examples of castles, Leeds and Bodium Castles.


Our Wheels

Leeds Castle

Front entrance of Leeds Castle

Bodium Castle

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So this is a vacation......

Well we finally made it to the United Kingdom and we are having a ball. At some point it will hit us and we will sleep for 24 hrs, but until then we are just sticking to our insane schedule! No one to blame but myself for that. There is alot here to see in just 2 weeks...... Anyways, here are some photo's from Days 1-3 (London) and Day 4, our first day traveling the countryside where we visited Stonehenge and then a very rainy visit to the south shore to walk the pier in Brighton. Today we are going to visit some castles in the southeast countryside and tomorrow we board the train for York.



Big Ben

London Eye

Tower of London

Tower Bridge

Christmas Market in Hyde Park

Tea at Kensington Palace

Piccadilly Circus at Night


Brighton Pier