Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pink Floyd - The Endless River

Pink Floyd - The Endless River - A review by Barry Christ

So I preordered the newest album by Pink Floyd, The Endless River and it arrived on time. Only issue was I was overseas! I returned, sat down, picked it up saying to myself so here it is, the last Pink Floyd album.....opened it up looked it over. I felt that I needed to be in the right frame of mind to consume this properly. It sat for 17 days and then after a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family I found myself relaxing, sitting with a glass of wine with my father-in-law Phil (another Floyd fan) it was time! I loaded the Endless River in the Blu-Ray as I wanted to hear the DTS Master Audio offering, adjusted the lights in the room and settled in for this audio experience.

For all that know me from my teenage years, Pink Floyd was it, A major musical influence in my guitar playing, part of the soundtrack of my early years.

The Endless River is a musical journey. Pink Floyd is more than a band. It is a feeling, a place, an experience. Sid has departed, Roger has moved on and Richard has departed. David and Nick survive and have entered the studio one last time to produce music rooted firmly on the last Floyd album, The Division Bell.

The 20 hours of unused recordings from the Division Bell were the base of the music for The Endless River. Richard Wright last studio work with David and Nick. The album is entirely instrumental with the exception of the last track "Louder Than Words" with David providing the vocals. Floyd would never close the book with a greatest hits album, no, not these musicians,

I am not going to go into detail describing each track. This as with other works by Pink Floyd is deep. There are of course messages to uncover and understand throughout. Pink Floyd was never a band out to be chart toppers. This is an experience, a musical journey of new music, yet with familiar sounds of past Pink Floyd music, your constantly reminded of Meddle, Piper, DSOTM, Animals, Momentary Lapse of Reason, Wish You Were Here and of course The Division Bell. Enjoy The Endless River for what it is. Pink Floyd.

This is a work of art, love and respect by the surviving members. A fitting end.

Or is there ever really a end.....The Endless River

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