Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weather Software

There are many versions of weather software available on the internet. Some cost money others are freeware. I discovered Weather Center by CIL Software, a freeware weather software program that has just about everything you would want. It alerts you to severe weather, gives you detailed forcasts and displays live moving color radar loops. It also can display weather worldwide and also displays the current time in that area of the world. Download Weather Center and give it a try! Another nice weather program that we use here on left side the 6 Bears Farm website is called YoWindoW. The idea behind YoWindoW is to create a computer generated picture of what the outside is like according to current weather conditions and forecasts. This free version is limited but if you like it enough to purchase it, the cost is right at only $9.99. My Free Weather is another fine weather program that is worth taking a look at. It is freeware and works much like YoWindoW by creating a view of what the outside is like according to current weather conditions and forecasts. It includes a 5 day forcast but sorry, no automatic severe weather alerts.

Download Weather Center
Download YoWindoW Desktop Weather
Download My Free Weather

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