Sunday, August 9, 2009

3 Day Western New York Tour Idea

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Having company from out of town and need some ideas on what to do over a 3 day weekend in Western New York? Well here is what we ended up doing with Jena, our friend from Texas.

Day One: Buffalo and Niagara Falls !

What would a trip to Western New York be without a visit to see one of the seven wonders of the world, Niagara Falls! You really want to pick a day when the weather is nice so those photos your guest takes and shows to their friends and family back home  turn out nice enough to show case the  Falls.


While visiting the Falls, the best way to experience the shear power is to take a tour of the falls on the Maid Of The Mist boat tour. You guest will always remember the feeling of standing on the boat surrounded by a wall of water hundreds of feet high with  mist in their face. The water from the falls moves past, rocking the boat yet you feel like your moving but the boat is still! Oh and if your in the mood for some ice cream, a stop at the Twist of the Mist Ice Cream Shop is recommended!


Another stop either on the way to Niagara Falls or after is a trip to the Anchor Bar in Buffalo for lunch or dinner. This local hangout is the Mecca for anyone who savors the taste of Buffalo style chicken wings. This is the spot back in the early 1960’s where wings were discovered. yum yum yum.


Day Two: Sterling Renaissance Festival

Another activity that would be best saved for a day of nice weather is a journey back to the year 1585 in England. Enjoy the many live theatrical performances, browse craft shops full of hand made items for sale and sample the various foods throughout this 35 acre village.


Games like axe throwing, bow and arrows, tomato toss along with live jousting competition are sure to delight all. Listen to live musical performances playing Celtic songs and just get lost from the hustle and bustle  of your current life and escape back in time for a day…..

Day Three: The Corning Museum Of Glass

Well on day 3 the weather just did not agree with our original plans the visit the Genesee Country Village so an indoor activity was required. The Corning Museum Of Glass in Corning, New York fit the bill perfectly!

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You get to learn all about the world of glass and see the worlds best collection of glass. Then you can view live glass blowing demonstrations and even create your own glass masterpiece and will be shipped home to you guest after they make it.


Of course, this is just one of many different collections of events that you can show your out of town guests. But these events are great for all ages, and should be considered towards the top of the list when trying to plan an outing that your guests are sure to remember and leave them with great memories of their visit to a place we call home, Western New York.

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