Friday, July 24, 2009

Trying to keep cool….in Kuwait

Map picture

Well today it was 117 degrees! The photo above of my hotel shows that I can at least stay cool. I have 3 options, stay in the room, go to the pool or jump in the sea! Today I hit the surf, it is pretty warm and the sand was really hot! I remembered my bathing suit but….forgot my sandals.

I am attempting to use the new Windows Live Writer which should let me write my blog entries offline and then at upload my entry when I get the chance up to the 6bearsfarm website. It should also send an email out to everyone on my distribution list to alert them that there has been an update to the website.

Tonight I had to get out the the room and went into Kuwait to get some wings at the Hard Rock Cafe’. They were pigeon wings! I took this photo looking down the coastline towards the Kuwait Towers.


Below is a satellite view of Kuwait City. I am staying in Al Fuhayhil.

Map picture


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